This program is designed to unload cognitive burden and discharge excessive stress response by using an integrated format of modalities. By coordinating deep brain functions of vestibular, auditory, visual, and proprioceptive systems, this program fine tunes your foundational inner organization.



All private sessions are a combination of hands-on work and movement education. Each session might combine some or all of these elements as appropriate for your needs.

Somatic Movement: Movement education for organic and integrated body organization. Perception, balance, coordination, visual and vocal skills are employed as needed for greatest impact.

Craniosacral: Central nervous system reset, globally restorative for your entire body.

Visceral & Lymphatic: Flow of movement and fluid through soft tissue with particular attention to digestive and lymphatic systems.

Tomatis : The original sound therapy system developed by French ENT Dr. Alfred Tomatis for improvement in balance, communication, and emotional self-regulation.

iLs: Integrated Listening Systems is a sound therapy system. Devices can be purchased by the public for long-term use.

Holistic vision: Education to relax the visual system and integration of visual function with whole body movement.